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What Gua Sha Can Treat

Deschutes Acupuncture offers gua sha in 30 minute sessions or with acupuncture.  Gua sha uses a massage tool to help circulation by scrapping the skin. Gua sha is a Chinese therapy technique using short or long strokes to stimulate circulation and blood flow.

We can also help you effectively incorporate gua sha therapy into an acupuncture treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome.

Gua Sha can benefit the immune system and reduce inflammation. It’s often used to relieve muscle and joint pain such as back pain, tendon strain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Other benefits include relief with menopause, headaches, and insomnia.

What to Expect at your Treatment

The technique is typically used on one’s back, neck, arms and/ or legs to try and move stagnant energy. The tool is smooth edged and causes little discomfort.

Gua-Sha Bend Oregon

Gua Sha therapy at Deschutes Acupuncture in Bend, Oregon

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