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What does Auriculotherapy (ear seeds) Treat

Auriculotherapy (ear seeds) in Bend Oregon is offered at Deschutes Acupuncture. Get an ear seed treatment in clinic or buy your own ear seed kit from us to take home. Auriculotherapy uses ear seeds or small pellets to stimulate pressure points in your ear to help treat a range of health issues.

Ear Seed Treatment (Auriculotherapy-No Needles)

10 min – $25.00 This is a great service for anyone that doesn’t love the idea of receiving treatment with needles. We use 24k gold (or titanium) ear pellets (also sometimes called ear seeds), applied with clear medical grade tape. The ear pellets provide incredible relief from many conditions including pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, GI upset, headache, allergies, fatigue, etc. This is also great for those who don’t have time for a full one-hour acupuncture appointment!

Buy an Ear Seed Kit from our Store

Stop by our clinic and buy your own ear seed kit to take home.  

  • Vaccaria Seed $10
  • 24k Gold Plated $20
  • Stainless Steel $20
  • Titanium $20
  • Magnets $20


Ear Seeds Deschutes Acupuncture

Ear Seed therapy at Deschutes Acupuncture in Bend, Oregon

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